Posted by: sforshner | February 9, 2008

tracking a transient travel: Portsmouth, NH

My friend Caitlin had an idea one day that in a way, inspired the start of this blog. Every once in a while, she thought we should get all of our friends together, when we all need to get away, and visit a new city we have never been (at least some of us) for a weekend. We have only done it once so far, and the first trip was to Providence, RI. Though I have been to Providence many times (visiting a friend at PC in college, etc.), I can say that the experience was new for me.

Tomorrow morning my Boston crew will be meeting up with Caitlin and her New York crew in Portsmouth, NH where we will stay at the Hilton Garden Inn Portsmouth Downtown.

When I googled “Portsmouth” to find a cool place to go, I came across an online guide to Portsmouth, NH & the seacoast. On the front page is the winner of a local photo contest…

“Hampton Beach Scene” by Ed Bolton, an entry in the Winter 2008 Photo Contest. The winner, as judged by Seacoast photographer Gene Paltrineri, will receive a $100 gift certificate good for fine dining at Portsmouth’s elegant Black Trumpet Bistro.

This photo reminded me of the snow storm expected to fall upon our set-in-stone plans, so we will have to get creative.



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