Posted by: sforshner | February 12, 2008

tracking a transient travel: Portsmouth, NH: breakfast

According to the review of The Friendly Toast by Rachel Forrest on If you haven’t been to The Friendly Toast, you haven’t fully experienced Portsmouth. It’s one of those area institutions that represents a segment of the city that makes up its character as a whole – the quirky, artsy, fun, and laid-back part


I think that sums it up. Their bread is homemade and the selection is huge. Some bites of my cinnamon raisin toast could have passed for a cinnamon bun, and other bites had exact amount of wholesome and crispy that you want in toast.

The ambiance, food and the line of local coffee shops around the corner all set the stage for a perfect cup of coffee–but I hated it. Unfortunately, I am the kind of person that would excuse a mediocre meal if the coffee was great. And by great I mean one that is bold, strong and complements a pack of sugar instead of becoming consumed by it.

But for those that wouldn’t, the food was perfect.


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