Posted by: sforshner | February 26, 2008

not in boston anymore…

Four girls entered a bar in the Mission district of San Francisco after having to walk sideways down one of many steep hills. The bouncer acknowledged three Mass id’s and upon entering the crowded bar, he recommended we make our way to the wet bar because it would be less congested. Noticing that we had trouble pushing through the crowd, he graciously asked us to follow him as he pushed his way, and us, through to the back.  Then, he quickly opened up a space for us to fill at the wet bar and introduced us to the bartender, who asked us how we were doing that night.

The first words that my friends and I exchanged were, “that would never happen in Boston.”

But what did throw us back into a Boston state of mind was the fact that we had the same kind of luck finding a cab at the end of the night as one would find in faneuil hall – I would rather not remember the amount of time it took.

The hilliest city in the country (placed right before Fitchburg, MA) was awesome though.


On our first day we hung off the side of a street car to the Fisherman’s Warf.


And we stopped at the crooked Lombard Street to take pictures.


We were going to take a tour of Alcatraz, but it turns out that even in February there is a high demand. The next tour available was two days later, the day we planned to leave. But we did find a cheaper alternative: Wacky Jacky’s fishing boat was offering ten dollar tours under the Golden Gate Bridge and around Alcatraz. As Wacky Jacky’s forte is offering sport fishing trips in the summer, the tour at first seemed pretty sketchy as we had to climb down a rickety ladder to get to the boat.

Sitting on the boat, which had the kind of plastic chairs you use at a backyard barbeque, we began to have second thoughts.  But the tour was great and it went directly under the bridge and showed us a close up of Alcatraz as promised. I would definitely recommend taking this tour in the offseason.



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