Posted by: sforshner | February 28, 2008

beyond the fountain and between the glass

I always wondered what the story was behind throwing change in a fountain and making a wish. Is there an old fairy tale of which I am unaware? The strangest part is that as a child, I followed suit by way of social norms just like everyone else. But when did it get beyond the fountain?

And a more relevant question, how the heck did people get coins between the glass of the windows atop Coit Tower on Telegraph Hill?

[I know from this picture it doesn’t look like it, but there really is glass in this window]













Strange rituals aside the view was great.  And our last night in San Francisco we stayed in a hotel in union square so that we wouldn’t have to worry about grabbing the BART, which stopped at midnight, back to Nicole’s apartment (I think in Pleasant Hill), where Lisa and I stayed the other nights. This picture from our hotel room isn’t really clear through the glass, but I think I love it because it captures the bustling district around us, and it was so cool to be right in the middle of it.



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