Posted by: sforshner | March 3, 2008

food fad

It isn’t news that the cupcake has become the new “it” baked good. But for our two-day stop in LA, Kerry (my friend from high school who graciously let us stay at her place) took us to Beverly Hills where we witnessed this trend first hand. After joining a line that spanned over three storefronts we entered Sprinkles, recognized for their trademarked modern dots that sit atop most of their fresh cupcakes.

[photo from the Sprinkles website]

I had a vanilla milk chocolate with a chocolate, cream cheese frosting (right)–it was delicious. I was afraid that the cream cheese part would be too overpowering, but it wasn’t.


And even better, Sprinkles is coming to Boston soon.

Though I do feel like I am jumping on the bandwagon a bit late, I am still really fascinated by the cupcake frenzy, so I did a little investigating to see what else is out there… recently featured the gorgeous work of cupcake artist Kylie Lambert.

[photo from le cupcake]

And if you do not want to travel to get to a great cupcake…Here is a great recipe, from a great blog, for a pina colada cupcake.



  1. […] I don’t even really like cup cakes that much, I don’t know why I keep blogging about them. I’m more of a cookie and ice cream type of girl. But Mike and I go to the Bakery […]

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