Posted by: sforshner | March 18, 2008

more than cheap flights

As prices and delays are continuously on the rise, it seems that the travel industry is taking steps to proactively appease today’s disgruntled traveler. Recently founded by 17-year veteran of the travel industry Dave Pelter, for example, aims to provide more than just cheap flights.

It provides evaluations of what Pelter calls 12 “pain points” which include the amount of leg room in a cabin, how often the flight is on time, the aircraft type (larger jets get higher ratings), how crowded a specific flight typically is, and if you can walk to your connection. It even considers how long it usually takes to get through the security checkpoint nearest the gate.


As I read in the article by Michelle Higgins, because the system is still in test mode, it is not perfect.

For its lost bags ratings, the site uses Department of Transportation statistics, which track mishandled bags by carriers, not by individual flights. Another ratings category — aircraft age — is the average for an airline’s fleet, rather than for a specific flight. And lost luggage rankings and security wait times aren’t available for international flights. Also, users could experience site shutdowns, slow search times and other issues as the site works out kinks. For now, it is accessible only using Internet Explorer 7 or Firefox 2.0 and later versions. After the testing phase, when all the kinks are worked out, is this web site something you would use on a regular basis?


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