Posted by: sforshner | March 25, 2008

greener grass

Have you ever been to a place and then after you come home, your interest in that place grows exponentially?

It is spring even though I have scraped frost off my car this week before heading to work. I noticed on the weather channel that there is about a 30 degree difference between Boston and San Diego and it made me want to go back.

Hotel Del Coronado

Above is my weak attempt at an artsy photo. Going by the prices of the burger at Hotel Del Coronado you can assume that the tea on which Lisa, Bryce and I splurged almost cut into our lunch budgets – but we were on vacation.

Hotel Del Coronado

To be honest, my interest in places that grows the longer I am away isn’t completely about being in a less desirable situation, though it is those times that make me think about them. Ever since I left Cork, I get a homesick feeling when I catch up with an old friend or look up at my map at the pin stabbed into Ireland’s third largest city.

The same happens when I glance at the others. But what’s worse, the white pins, which I reserve for places I have never been but wish to go, kind of give me that feeling too.


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