Posted by: sforshner | April 2, 2008

green collectables

Wherever I go I have a habit of collecting tons of handouts, postcards, businesscards, etc. as if I will actually take the time to sit down and scrap book or something. On Sunday, I traveled all the way to the Hynes Convention Center downtown to the Going Green Expo on a whim. So, instead of letting my collections sit in a drawer until I throw them out next year, I thought I would scan and post them here. And you know what, there were some pretty cool businesses there.

I had a sample of Vodka 360 mixed with mango juice. Either there was barely any vodka or it was one of the smoothest I have ever had, but I am not a vodka drinker, so don’t take my word for it.

360 Vodka Green Luxury

360 Vodka

This wine rack made from naturally renewable and recyclable materials by Etcetera Media, a Boston based design firm, has gotten so much press that it caught my eye about 5 booths away because I recognized it from so many places. They also have other great products including coasters that I would have bought if I got paid every other week instead of bi-monthly.


And then I chatted with the Eco-Brokers at Boston Green Realty, a business that incorporates green resources and education into all aspects of traditional real estate.

Boston Green Realty



  1. that wine rack is fantastic. is there anything that can’t be made from feltish material? make sure you recycle those postcards…[kidding] [maybe?]

  2. […] I buy postcards with no intention of sending them to anyone. Remember, I have an obsession with collecting things wherever I […]

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