Posted by: sforshner | April 5, 2008

Time for Change + Chance to Win a Trip to the Galapagos

I am going to insert part of one of the many email updates I receive from the World Wildlife Fund.

Click here to find out how you can make a difference

Join WWF this Earth Day in our fight to make change.

1. Commit to make a change
Tell us how you will help make change by posting your personal commitment for the world to see. You can also read what others are changing in their lives for Earth Day.

2. Collect coins for change
Get your FREE earth-friendly collapsible mini recycling bin to help you collect your coins for Earth Day. Coinstar® estimates that there is more than $10 billion in change sitting idle in American homes! Check under the sofa cushions, in pockets, and in all the nooks and crannies where coins hide. Then take your change to your local Coinstar machine and donate it to WWF. Request a fundraising kit now!

3. Get a FREE t-shirt for change
Collect or donate $50 or more to Time for Change and we’ll send you an organic cotton tee featuring the beloved WWF panda logo as a thank you gift!

As we count down the days to Earth Day, we encourage you to continue to commit your support to make this planet a better place today and for future generations. Together we can work to protect the future of nature around the globe.


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