Posted by: sforshner | April 7, 2008

crazy cupcakes

I don’t even really like cup cakes that much, I don’t know why I keep blogging about them. I’m more of a cookie and ice cream type of girl. But Mike and I go to the Bakery on the Common in Natick, MA all the time to grab coffee and every time I become so mesmorized by the cupcakes while I wait in line. So I finally took a picture of them last week.

The ones above are cute, but I have a love hate relationship with the ones below. I am so impressed with the amount of frosting and how it is so craftily conformed into a clown in a number of positions, but they are so scary…

[Taken from bakery on the common web site]

Oh my god they’re like a car crash – I can’t look, but I can’t stop. No wonder some people are afraid of clowns.

I can’t even blog about what they taste like because I have never had one. I do love the sandwiches here – all made with fresh homemade bread, they have a chicken salad on a baguette that I get a lot and also a turkey sandwich on whole grain with a honey mustard sauce that I like on the side because it can be a bit much, but Mike can’t seem to get enough. And their coffee used to be amazing, but to be honest, lately we have been disappointed. I don’t know what’s going on there. Maybe we have just been going toward the end of the day. I hate to not give this family owned business the benefit of the doubt.


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