Posted by: sforshner | April 10, 2008

solo dining

I solo traveled two nights ago, well not really. I met a friend at a restaurant in the south end of Boston and I arrived a half hour early so I sat at the bar alone and had a glass of wine –  no computer, no book, no nothing. Okay so I made one call, but it was breif.

My favorite part of Picco was that they had some great local bears and ice cream that smelled so good from where I sat at the bar. It was dim inside and there were brick walls, shelves made with the kind of wood you would see in a homey Irish pub, but the elegant showing of wines and stylish candles hanging on the wall added the perfect amount of class. Having scooped ice cream for almost a third of my life combined with my love of good beer and wine, I felt at home.

I decided to check out their web site to find out what else makes them unique and evidently, for their pizza’s and calzones, they use a cold fermentation process starting with cold flour, yeast and water. The dough is mixed and kneaded with salt and a little extra virgin olive oil and refrigerated for two days until it’s time to use it. This slow, cold rising and fermentation process allows the dough to develop a wonderful structure, but most importantly it acquires a very rich, toasty flavor.

[Taken from Picco web site]

I had a margherita pizza and the dough lived up to the explanation and the best part – the prices were very reasonable.    



  1. i’ve never been to picco! i’ll have to check it out. 🙂

  2. […] pointed out many solo travel experiences, whether they were my own or someone else’s, because I am truly fascinated by and admire people who can put themselves […]

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