Posted by: sforshner | April 15, 2008

reggae weekend

Where I was on saturday, the sun was out for about ten minutes total and it managed to get me.

I went to the Reggae Festival at Sugarloaf for the third year in a row, Big Mountain headlined on Friday night, but we missed them. I didn’t ski, I just ate a lot of food and drank some beer and met a lot of characters. Every year I go I wish I was a skier and then realize the reason I am not is because I could never really afford to be. I am a bit envious of the lifestyle, the laid-backness of it, the sitting down to a cold drink after a day of hard, but fun work, the comraderie of those that ski and that of those that are regulars to a particular place. But Mike doesn’t ski either, so it’s not so bad on the sidelines.

[Taken From Sugarloaf web site]

[Taken from the Sugarloaf web site]


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