Posted by: sforshner | April 16, 2008


As suspected there has been a merger between Delta Air Lines Inc. and Northwest Airlines Corp. creating the world’s largest airline. Lots of questions raised about the recent merger. Is it going to lead to the lack of competition which will lead to higher prices? How else will it impact travelers either positively or negatively?

 I guess time will tell…



  1. I’m excited about this only because I do all my miles on Delta, and now that I’m in SF and no longer NYC, it’s EXPENSIVE to fly back home to Tennessee on Delta (even into Atlanta, despite it being the Delta HQs!). However, it is usually super-cheap (in comparison) to fly back on Northwest. But still, the rising airline prices are really started to tick me off a bit. I couldn’t find anything less than $200 for midweek travel four months in advance for SF to Seattle! Now, that is ridiculous.

  2. I know – a few months ago my friends and I made a trip from Boston to DC and after watching the prices for over a week, we finally decided to drive.

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