Posted by: sforshner | April 29, 2008

philly weekend getaway 2008

Mike said something poignant as we crossed over the Walt Whitman bridge into Philadelphia – It is comforting to go to a completely different region of the country, but know your way around – it was something like that.

[Taken from Philly Roads]

There is something surreal about being a visitor in a place you have lived. You drive down streets that used to be routine, but you are on vacation and you try see them in the same way, but mostly miss them.

Before going to hang out with her college friends, Jenny, my sister, dropped Mike and I off by Rittenhouse Square at 2:30 last Friday and it was a beautiful day, I almost got a sunburn. After a lap around the square we entered The Black Sheep on 17th Street

…where we drank a bunch of Yards, Philadelphia’s Pale Ale. We also had some pretty good mussels and pizza. As you can see below, for an ale Yards looks lighter than normal and it does taste lighter, but you can still taste the hops so don’t be fooled.

Normally when we drive down to Philly we wait until getting out of work on a Friday, don’t get in until after midnight, which in turn forces our friends to wait up – so taking Friday off was the best. Once everyone got out of work we went to happy hour. Yes happy hour, a concept unfamiliar to Boston.

On Saturday I went to a place called the plateau – you know the one where the Fresh Prince hung out in the summertime? Here, around the corner from St. Joes, a bunch of old alumni beat the crap out of some college kids in our annual alumni rugby game – I still can’t walk I am so out of shape.

And that night, we had celebrated birthdays and an engagement in a little neighborhood behind the Philadephia Museum of Art.



  1. Did you get engaged??

  2. Oh my god I just realized that the way I wrote that kind of made it seem like I did – No I didn’t. Our friends from Philly did. haha.

  3. Seriously, you’re the third blog I read who has posted about Philly in the past week. Now I feel like a horrible American/travel writer for having never visited (and when I lived in NYC for so long at that!).

    Also, if you ever make it out to SF, you must let me know!

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