Posted by: sforshner | April 30, 2008

beer mecca gets provisions

Since I went to The Publick House a couple of weeks ago, the start of this post has been sitting as a draft. My friend Lisa just brought today’s Daily Candy Boston to my attention and it motivated me to finish it. Publick House Provisions is a newly opened market under the ownership of neighboring (and accurately dubbed) beer mecca, The Publick House.

I have been to the Publick House in Brookline a few times and my favorite part is that I can get a triple bock ipa in the appropriate glass. I also like that it isn’t seemingly packed with college kids. I mean I am sure most of them are, but it definitely seems to be one of the few places in Boston where I don’t feel like I am old and intruding a party in which I wasn’t invited even though I’m only 25.

Publick House, 1648 Beacon St Brookline, MA 02445 (617) 277-2880

Publick House Provisions, 1706 Beacon Street, Washington Square, Brookline (617) 277-2880

The Publick House Provisions sells gourmet food like pomegranate black bean salsa, Maine wild blueberry honey, and pheasant and rosemary pate, international artisan selections of cheese, hand-cut to order. And in Lisa’s words…the yups get yuppier…


  1. God, I miss Boston.

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