Posted by: sforshner | May 13, 2008

brussels and beer

I’m not gonna lie – I always thought of myself as a beer snob. But when I saw that Marie Claire’s Travel Blog listed the best beers to try abroad the other day, I can’t say that I can comment on many of them.

I have tried a bunch of Belgian beers though and I love them. While studying abroad in Ireland, Lisa and I spent our very long spring break backpacking and Brussels was our first stop.

Here is a picture taken in Grand Place

And here is the Old England Building

We stayed in a hostel that had euro beers and I don’t think it was in the best location because one night on the way back from dinner I am pretty sure we had rocks thrown at us from a passing car as they yelled obscenities about us being Americans. This was back in 2004. The joke was on them though because we were also with a new friend we met who was Canadian. Anyway, we decided to stay in the hostel to hang out at night because their common area transformed into a bar with a chill atmosphere and had a list of beers (that cost a euro) that you couldn’t go through even if you were to stay for months. I wish I could remember which hostel.

One of the Belgian beers highlighted in Marie Claire’s Travel Blog was the Rodenbach.

And they advised, “Brace yourself for its pungent flavor. It’ll separate the seasoned drinker from the wannabes” which brought my confidence as a “beer snob” back up.

And here are the other beers highlighted…

[Marie Claire’s Travel Blog: Spaten’s Oktoberfest, Germany]

[Marie Claire’s Travel Blog: Baltika, Russia]

[Marie Claire’s Travel Blog: Lammin Sahti, Finland]

[Marie Claire’s Travel Blog: San Miguel, Philippines]



  1. I’m not much of a beer person (oh the horrors) because I have trouble with carbonation, so I’m surprised I’ve tried two of those — Spaten at Oktoberfest last fall and San Miguel in Morocco, ironically enough. I will agree with you, though, if I have to drink beer, I’d prefer it be Belgian!

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