Posted by: sforshner | May 19, 2008

something in boston i can afford?

The nonperk of being a read headed, fair skinned, Irish rooted person came to haunt me this weekend. My brother graduated from St. Anselm College and because it was unexpectedly sunny on Saturday I got a horrible sunburn on my shoulders. I couldn’t hold the steering wheel correctly on the way home from work today because I can’t raise my arms high enough to do it. I put my seatbelt on only to find that every time I had to adjust the wheel it stung my left shoulder, but removing the seatbelt would have been more painful. I couldn’t change the radio station at all because I couldn’t reach the buttons without being in agony – which was bad because I have a long commute.

That being said, I can’t write much right now because if you haven’t guessed yet, I am miserable. But I haven’t written in a while and I didn’t want it to go this long between posts. I plan to write about my quick trip to Manchester, NH for my brother’s graduation, but for now I will post a link to an article in the Globe that my friend Kim tipped me off to last week because let’s face it – Boston is expensive, so any chance I get to highlight some frugal options to have fun, I take it.

5 Things To Do In Boston Under $25

I am going to go ahead and say this. The first option, get a sandwich, includes a recommendation to All Star Sandwich Bar in Cambridge. I had a horrible experience there once with Lisa and I would elaborate if I didn’t need to go back to constantly rubbing aloe on my shoulders. The rest of the list is pretty good though.


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