Posted by: sforshner | May 21, 2008

a sunny graduation

Though it has been a while since my immersion in Catholic education it hit me that some of my shelteredness lingers when I couldn’t grasp why people had no idea what I was talking about last week when I said, “I am going to my brother’s Baccalaureate Mass.” Not everyone is a Catholic. After the Mass my brother’s group of friends rented out a space in The Shaskeen, an Irish pub in Manchester where we had appetizers and beer.

And then Mike and I hung out with Patrick’s friends at Murphy’s Taproom where we talked with them about what it is like to move on from school, applying for jobs and just what they are getting themselves into.

After a night of feeling old with a bunch of college kids, it was nice to grab breakfast at a place where no matter what age you are, you feel like a kid. Attached to the Holiday Inn where we stayed is the Airport Diner. They had all kinds of pies (even one made of a cookie), toy airplanes served as decorations, the coffee was pretty good and the toast was hearty. They also offered beans in lieu of hash browns, if you want.

After the meal, and some water and advil from the hotel vending machine, we were off to the graduation which was outside for the first time in five years because finally, they had nice weather. Today, 4 days later, my father’s face is peeling, Mike’s face only looks like a little bit like a lobster, and I can finally reach a mug from the lowest shelf in the cabinet. But, now that it is the last stages of the unexpected sunburn fiasco – looking back it was nice having the celebration in sunny weather.


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