Posted by: sforshner | June 19, 2008

greener and cheaper travel

Plenty Magazine posted some good tips to lighten your carbon footprint while on the road…

*Check and replace air filters as necessary, and raise efficiency by another 10%, advises the Alliance to Save Energy.

* Keep your tires properly inflated to reduce drag.

* Lug less: Every 100 pounds of weight carried in the car or trunk reduces fuel economy by 1-2 percent. Sorry, Goodfellas.

* Park in the shade, which will minimize evaporation of fuel (who knew?), advises the Union of Concerned Scientists.

* Open windows and turn off car air conditioning when driving at slower speeds. The better to enjoy those shady lanes, the smell of the sea!

Visit the Plenty’s site for the rest of the tips for greener travel or visit the government’s Fuel Economy site.


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