Posted by: sforshner | June 21, 2008

in the meantime

I am so impatient. Why did I buy a camera that had to be back ordered. It is partly because I was intrigued by the fact that I could get a case and a memory chip and the camera for a tiny bit less than just the camera online. Also, it could be because I used to work with salespeople or maybe because what I do everyday is similar, but when I have a good customer service experience with a salesperson, I feel obligated to give them my business. I have this problem of putting myself in other people’s shoes that I don’t get out of my head and realize that I am just a consumer who went to Circuit City on Tuesday because I wanted a camera then!

Maybe I am frustrated because I am slowly realizing that I don’t have plans to travel anywhere exciting to really put the camera (that I don’t have) to good use. The other day I had a pretty bad drive home from work traffic-wise. I thought to myself, if I had my camera I would take a picture of this because no one will believe it is this bad. Thanks to a savvy PR idea that got coverage on the Today Show, it turns out that Boston is the 8th most congested city in the country. But the point – I wanted to take a picture of my commute – lame.

So while I sit here camera-less and stationary in the 8th most congested city, I thought I would blog about something that is the closest thing to experiencing an exciting new place, even closer than a photo.

Travelistic is a video site for travelers where you can view, upload and share travel videos. Since I’m not going anywhere, I decided to reminisce and peruse the videos of Ireland. Though there are some great ones of Dublin and some of Galway, I could not find Cork.

So here, enjoy some highlights of the city of few tourists, via my old 1982 camera:

This was taken in 2004

Murphy’s Irish Stout

University College Cork

And according to Glam Jaunt, Travelistic’s blog is a great place for inspiration, and I agree.



  1. I, too, take pictures when I’m driving — only, I don’t do it when the traffic is particularly bad but when it’s flowing quite smoothly, oops. Yeah, that’s an accident waiting to happen. Like every time I drive over the Golden Gate Bridge, I am STILL in awe of how pretty it is and the view from Sausalito to the city, so I feel the need to snap (and swerve) away.

  2. I am the same way when I cross the tappan zee bridge on my drives to Philly, I always find myself staring to the left at NYC.

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