Posted by: sforshner | June 27, 2008

buffalo chicken nachos at the four’s are the best

I went to The Four’s last night with my friends before a night of drinking for a good cause.

The last time I went there was the summer after my first year of college. Do you like I how put milestones in lieu of dates to avoid stating how many years ago that was, all nonchalant, like it was almost yesterday – do you buy it?

Anyways, it was much like I remember, but this time I had their buffalo chicken nachos and they were so good that this is what the plate looked like by the time I got back from a quick bathroom run, and they hadn’t even been sent to the table yet when I left.

Yes I’m a dork with my new camera. I had an awkward run in with a stranger when she caught me taking pictures of the walls while I waited in line for the bathroom. I told her I was learning my new camera.

And this isn’t even a good picture, not even close to worth the embarrassment. In fact, I don’t have any good pictures. I am pretty good when I am on vacation taking pictures of sights and scenery because I have always been able to borrow Mike’s. I just realized that I have never really experienced what it is like go out to the bar, armed a tiny gadget that can potentially lead to so many facebook disasters – what power.

I just uploaded my pictures from last night and they are embarrassing, seriously. So I hope Matthew j. lee doesn’t mind me taking one of his clever pics, featured in the Boston Globe a couple of weeks ago during the NBA playoffs.

[Taken from The Boston Globe: Matthew j. lee/globe staff]

And you might want a more eloquent explanation of The Four’s by Leigh Belanger, too.

My self indulgent ramblings aside, the benefit at The Harp was a succes



  1. I’ve had an unnatural craving for nachos for weeks, and those look so good….

  2. sunset bar and tap has great nachos too!

  3. I’ve lived in Boston pretty much for forever and still have not been to The Fours. But those nachos look amazingggg!!! and Nomadic Matt is right…love Sunset too!

  4. They were! And Sunset has great Belgian beer too.

  5. Yum, those nachos look DELICIOUS!

  6. i have been away from the blog for too long; i feel like i live it with the camera though…. a buff chick afficianado…they are simple..and THE best..

    and yes, sunset has awesome nachos…but more specifically their spinach and artichoke dip served like nachos….

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