Posted by: sforshner | July 1, 2008

organized travel

I picked up the June issue of Real Simple last week on a whim – I know I’m crazy – and upon my first round of flipping through, I instantly decided I wanted this:

Sephora’s plastic-coated case $48

In college, Lisa and I, two best friends, babysat two 7th grade best friends (how cute) in Lower Merion Township, PA and before we left to study abroad, each set of parents bought us fancy, vera bradley toiletry bags as gifts. Mine was a bit more old fashioned. It was a large red bag with a plastic lining. It was great for keeping everything together and dry, but it didn’t have compartments. Lisa’s was yellow and looked much like the one above and it was amazing–and part of the reason why this caught my eye. However, the color of the one above is what really made me fall in love with it. Literally two months ago I used to scoff at all the overpriced makeup and accessories when I walked by Sephora in the mall and only entered when my friends wanted to stop in. I would then stroll into CVS to buy cheap make up (joke’s on me) at a much lower price. I had a recent change of heart and made the plunge into Bare Escentuals, which I also LOVE and actually recommend getting at Sephora at least your first time because the starter kits are at a reasonably priced. Now I will be making another trip…
Abbie Kozolchyk explains the case’s great features – Shown from top to bottom:
Hook Hang
the bag on the bathroom door for easy access to what you need and to keep the sink top clutter-free.
Mesh Pockets
The perfect places to stash small necessities, like makeup brushes, tissues, adhesive bandages, and hair elastics.
Pull it off — it’s attached to the bag with Velcro. Now slip it into your bag, pocket, or even wallet (yes, it’s that flat) for midsightseeing touch-ups.
Zippered Pouch
Padded compartments (three inside, one outside) zip shut to protect makeup com-pacts and single-serving skin-care packets.
Detachable Case
A Velcro-backed mini bag has just enough room for any cosmetic companions you would want on a day away from your hotel.
Oversize Pocket
Large enough to accommodate bigger essentials (key if you’ll be on the road for more than a few days), plus tools such as brushes and combs.


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