Posted by: sforshner | July 2, 2008

indian restaurant with a dose of asian fusion hits land of meat and potatoes

I got a call yesterday from my friend Bryce who was about to board for a solo travel trip to Peru (I am very jealous). Anyway, she told me that her uncle’s newly opened restaurant in Dublin was featured/reviewed on a site called Davidsbeenhere.comChapati Grill – the site has yet to launch.

David had great things to say about it, which was great.

Back in 2004, Bryce and my sister Jenny visited Lisa and I in Cork and we spent a couple of nights in Dublin where we received an absolutely amazing tour by her uncle and his his girlfriend, a fabulous publicist/restaurateur. Every time we needed to kill at least ten minutes, we stopped into a pub for a pint and we never had to wait because her reputation preceded her in those hip Dublin spots – it was like we were famous!

The point is, the new restaurant was in the works while we visited, so it is pretty cool to see it all come to fruition and with a good review! Hopefully I will get to see it person one day.

Back to Dublin, 2004 – One of the many adventures that took hold those couple of days included a visit to the exclusive store of Nicky Wallace, a men’s top designer who created the clothing concept for the American TV series Miami Vice, and boasts an impressive list of clientele including Van Morrison, Bill Cosby, David Bowie, George Michael and Peter Ustinov, etc.

One night we all went to Lillies Bordello, Dublin’s most prestigious night club. The entrance opens to a dance floor and a DJ and then there is a set of stairs that lead to different VIP rooms – the higher up you go the more important (and ironically, the more the place looks like a library).

We made it to the top that night.

Back in March, OK! Magazine did a piece on “Where it’s at for a Chick Weekend with the Girls” in Ireland and here is what they had to say about Lillies Bordello..

If you want clubbing with a side order of celebs, Lillie’s Bordello ( a nocturnal city landmark. It has a ‘Moulin Rouge meets country house’ feel, with red velvet wallpaper, a book-lined library and ornate chandeliers. OK! was rendered speechless when we were ushered into the VIP area and ended up on a sofa just inches from U2’s Bono!

To be honest, it isn’t even my scene, but after who knows how many pints and while living vicariously through important people, I cannot deny that it was truly the funnest place ever.



  1. Ha, the first time I went to Dublin, my two friends and I went to track down U2 and ended up causing the Edge to crash his Rolls Royce! It was classic.

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