Posted by: sforshner | July 8, 2008

who am i

I am going to start with, one of my best friends got engaged tonight and I am so excited for her. This has nothing to do with this post, but it would have been weird for me to not acknowledge that and go on writing this for some reason.


Okay I will be over it in a second, but I had to reference an article that came through my daily Mediabistro PRNewser email today, entitled “Staycation is the New Home Invasion.” As I wrote my last post I almost made fun of myself for being a hypocrite when I brought up the whole “who coined staycations” bit, but I refrained. And by that I mean, I was going to venture to say that what I also think is the word “staycation” is probably a savvy PR “strategic word selection” on which I am sure many PR folks capitalize. Yes, I am personally a human being, an avid* traveler/blogger/wine and ice cream lover/etc. if you will, that sees right through such a gimick, but I am also a PR professional that at the exact same time, sat back in admiration of the cleverness of that word.

And look at this excerpt:

With gas topping $4 per gallon everywhere, and recession afoot pitchmeisters would be wise to attach the S-word to as many things as possible. We know selecting keywords carefully works. If nothing else, putting ‘staycation’ in a press release or dropping it during a phone call will give pause or chuckle and get your pitch noticed, or forwarded–“Yeah, I think Joe over in House & Home is doing a staycation piece.”

Did you see my last post? I brought up the gas thing, and I hadn’t even read this yet – it looks like I’m a natural.

With a colleague the other day, I discussed the fact that social media is blurring the lines between my personal and professional life. I pitched a reporter once for a client, but I also wanted to post a comment on their online article, personally, but that would have been too confusing – I was at a loss. And don’t even get me started on Twitter. However, I can handle that differentiation, but when it comes to differentiating my personal and professional life, what is becoming most difficult is something a bit more personal – my name.

I went to dinner tonight – I know, who do I think I am going out to eat so much lately, I hate it and so does my ING account. But I digress, I was the first to arrive, put the table under Susan and when my friend’s fiancee went to tell the hostess the whole party had arrived and asked me whose name it was under, I said Susan. He looked at me and said, “who the hell is Susan?”

Until I had to write a resume for the first time, I was Susie and only Susie my whole life. To the people that have been in my life since before I ever had to write a resume, I still am Susie. But to those I have met through work, I am Susan. I am both. Get ready, it will all start to come together here, I was an English major for crying out loud – in the same way that my professional and personal life are becoming confused with questions like, “‘staycations’ is such a gimick, but I also love it” and “should I pitch the reporter or should I just admire their writing”, my literal identity is at a loss.

Those correlations may have been a stretch and I have no conclusions or anything really insightful to say about them, but that’s okay, my friend got engaged tonight.



  1. My favorite was when the NY Times coined “nakations” for vacays at nudist joints. Genius.

    And I know what you mean about the social media thing — my editor at Real Simple assigned me a piece over Facebook. FACEBOOK, I tell you. No contract, nothing. And when I would email her from my gmail account regarding the story, she would respond to my Facebook inbox!

  2. haha – I know! I have done some dealings on facebook too, so weird!

  3. Everyone I know is married or engaged……except me!!

    when’s your turn?

  4. […] off to rhode island Narragansett to be specific, to celebrate. […]

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