Posted by: sforshner | July 8, 2008

you don’t have to go far

I have made a pact to capture the smaller adventures in life to satisfy the travel bug. In fact, I explain that as the disclaimer explanation of my blog. That is why I loved the tips in the Traveler’s Notebook that Laurie Pickard listed – 7 Steps for Creating an In-Town Vacation. I recommend reading all of them, but my favorite is the 7th:

7. Give yourself permission to be a tourist in your own town. One of the reasons that travel is so great is that when you travel you open yourself up to new experiences. On your in-town vacation, allow yourself to be as inquisitive as if you had never been to your town before. Ask for directions. Smile at people. Take pictures

This idea was also highlighted by Julie Schwietert in an article on “Top 10 Ways to Stretch Your Travel Dollar” on Matador Pulse:

10. Travel close to home. Most people take their hometown for granted, never exploring it like a tourist would. If your budget is super-stretched, stay in your own city or town and explore it as a tourist. For more tips about traveling close to home, check out this excellent article, “7 Steps for Creating an In-Town Vacation.” If you don’t believe traveling close to home can be full of great discoveries, check out stories from Matador members who have vacationed in their own hometowns.

I like the idea of turning what is close to home into a more interesting experience, a travel experience that can be new if you make the effort to go out of your way.

That being said, high gas prices and soaring airline fees have provided the opportunity for this type of travel to be all packaged up into a new travel trend – staycations – who coined that term by the way? I have been reading about this “trend” so much that, just for fun, I decided to do a search in my google reader to see how many places it would come up. Most recently the trend was mentioned in:

The Geeky Traveller

Flyaway Cafe

Christopher Elliott’s blog


Intelligent Travel

And the list goes on…

No matter how you say it, or why you do it, traveling in this way is the perfect opportunity to get to know your surroundings. And when you do get to get on a plane or at least make a long drive, it helps you to become the kind of traveler that naturally finds the “off the beaten path” kind of places.



  1. Thanks for the link love!

  2. I agree completely. That’s why I never feel at all guilty walking around SF taking pictures (if you’ve noticed from my photo-heavy blog, I always have *at least* one camera in my car or purse!).

    And I always get the best links from your site — I’ve never heard of the first two you posted, so thanks for those!

  3. We are capturing our staycation memories here, please join us!

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