Posted by: sforshner | July 9, 2008

wine deals in santa ynez valley

When Mike and I were in Santa Barbara we went on a wine tour in the Santa Ynez Valley – Wine’ edventures. One of the stops was at the Carina Cellars. I signed up for their email list and now each month I get a newsletter with updates and some deals.

This summer they are having a special – if you buy 3 bottles of the below wines you will receive 15% off. If you are interested in becoming an Iconoclast member you can visit their site: and get 30% off.

2006 Central Coast Viognier ($22.00)
2006 Stolpman Viognier ($34.00)
2004 Tierra Alta Syrah ($32.00)
2005 Westerly Syrah ($34.00)
2005 Great Oaks Syrah ($29.00)
2005 Morehouse Syrah ($34.00)

I forget which winery this is. We pretty much toured the same places you see in the movie Sideways and I love that movie so that was fine by me. Here are some lovely pictures…

I loved those miniature horses.



  1. suz!

    i know the lady that breeds those mini horses! i visited that farm a few easters back bc a friend of mine is marrying her… in fact! she’s have a mini baby soon! i wondered if she’d let the baby ride on the ponies. Great seeing you this weekend!
    Genevieve, los angeles

  2. If I could live one place in the world and money and career and culture (and a nightlife, ha) didn’t matter, it would be Santa Barbara. LOVE it there! And the miniature horses are so sweet!

  3. Can I take one home? They are so cute!

  4. Those mini horses are friggin’ ADORABLE!

  5. […] For Sunday fun day, Mike and I watched Sideways, enjoyed a Sam Adams Oktoberfest, and wished we were back on vacation in Santa Barbara. […]

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