Posted by: sforshner | July 16, 2008

even though happy hour isn’t allowed in boston



  1. Happy hours aren’t allowed in Boston? No way!

  2. No happy hour specials are allowed at bars, I know it’s weird!

  3. Ahh! So excited! 🙂

  4. See you Friday!!

  5. My entire office of co-workers responded saying, “What?!? That’s so bizarre.” lol. And then they asked, “Why?”

  6. Here is a pretty good conversation on Yelp that kind of explains it, it’s complicated….

    From what I can gather, “Happy Hour” isn’t technically illegal, but bars aren’t really allowed to have drink specials, which to pretty much everyone, is what constitutes a “Happy Hour.” However, in an effort to avert that stipulation, most bars reduce their appetizer/food prices to make that time right after work a little more special.

  7. No happy hours….thats dissapointing…as is missing the boston blog thing. i’ll be there in spirit

  8. looking forward to meeting you!

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