Posted by: sforshner | July 19, 2008

boston bloggers meetup, again

I’m catching up to the most recent weekend and still have some other things built up from three weekends ago, but that’s okay. Last Friday was our second Boston blogger happy hour meet up at Deep Ellum! We had a bigger showing than last time.


We Are Not Martha

Everybody Loves a Boston Girl

Chez MRhé

Cave Cibum

JQ Lounge

In Development

she’s only waiting on the next best thing.

It was so fun.

I arrived a bit early so I sat at the bar to have a drink. And I had to finish reading Carolyn Y. Johnson’s very cool story – “Sweet Nothingness” – in this issue’s Lola that investigates the idea that we are throwing away those precious moments where we don’t have access to the many electronic distractions, thus losing those personal epiphanies, both large and small, we think up when we are truly alone. How ironic that I appreciate that while I sit here blogging, twittering and watching TV.

I digress…I had heard such good things about Deep Ellum’s appetizers, new atmosphere (as it is formerly the Reel Bar). But what impressed me most was getting my Dogfish head 60 minute IPA in an appropriate glass.

Anyway, very successful meet up – Julie and I liked it so much that we extended it and grabbed drinks at Margarita’s in Waltham too. So fun!



  1. […] Dogfish. I may have spoken […]

  2. Let’s do it again soon! I feel like we barely got to chat!

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