Posted by: sforshner | July 24, 2008

where did my summer concerts go?

Yesterday Intelligent Travel posted the “World’s Best Cities and Festivals for Music Lovers,” rated by MSN. Coincidentally, my new carpool buddies and I had a long talk about music on the rainy ride home from work tonight.

It just hit me that I probably won’t go to a concert this summer, at least I don’t have any plans to right now. Mike and I have discussed going to see Ryan Adams in September, but I haven’t looked into tickets yet. Though I am not totally certain about this, I am pretty sure this will be the first summer that I will not have gone to a concert in over ten years. I love music and concerts and as frugal as I am, I don’t usually have a problem forking over money to go to a really good one.

Within the last year I saw Wilco at the Bank of America Pavilion. I can’t even tell you how good it was. Sky Blue Sky took a while to grow on me to be honest, and while I did let it grow before I got to the concert- any reservations that may have been leftover were wiped the second I heard them play it live. If I compiled a list of all the concerts I have been to, it would be pretty big. Stay tuned on that, I think I might try it in another post.

To stray quickly off topic, today I was asked about my blog and as I tried explained it, I began to question its legitimacy as a travel blog. I mean, I don’t get on a plane all the time and some posts end up boiling down to partially written, wannabe restaurant reviews.

But you know what, thinking about concerts and how much I love going to them, made me realize something. To me, becoming enveloped in the perfect composition and getting to hear it in its element- the way it was meant to be played, and actually being a part of it, is more than just an experience.

I think that any time you go out of your element and put yourself out there, into someone elses, it is adventurous – plane or no plane. So there you have it, though no one ever questioned me, I blog about travel experiences – all kinds.

Nomadic Matt, maybe I will flesh this out before 8/3.

So why am I not going to a concert this summer? I have no idea, do you know of any good ones coming to Boston?



  1. Hmmm is Counting Crows coming there? They’re playing with Maroon5 here. Also, I’m going to John Mayer (hate) and Colbie Caillait (LOVE) tonight on a People assignment.

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