Posted by: sforshner | July 25, 2008

my new york nights

For the past four nights, I have been living in Manhattan circa 1960, vicariously through my new favorite show. And it looks like another Bostonian pretty much has been too (and I stole her picture, thanks Julie). Mad Men takes place in New York back in the 60’s and it tracks the lives of the ad men working Madison Avenue.

It is a show at the intersection of hard core business, creative types, super-egos, high-end bourbon, endless cigarettes and the exploitation of women. It is scandalous, frustrating, funny but all together brilliant, considering I have been losing sleep to watch it.

Two nights ago when I was catching up, I was intrigued to see those crazy ad men make their first crack at PR, which was cute.

It was the episode when they were analyzing the Nixon campaign in an effort to win the business – yes politics/business are one in the same here – and as they compared Nixon’s old PR campaigns to Kennedy’s new ad campaigns, Don Draper said, “That’s a PR campaign, gets the message out, then the message is forgotten.” My chosen profession provides my opinion on that :).

Anyway, I highly recommend it. It’s on deman right now and season 2 starts on Sunday!



  1. Yes! Mad Men is an excellent show. Can’t wait for the 2nd season.

  2. OK, you’re blogger #839024 to talk about Mad Men. I feel sooo left out! Must. Watch. Now.

    And thank you for your Guidespot input!!

  3. I just got hooked on an english show called the dragon’s den. a bunch of people pitch a business idea to investors and then they either get an investment or just get torn apart…its mostly the latter….its mostly very funny too!

  4. @ MHre – loved Sunday’s didn’t you?
    @ Susie – haha, you need to catch up, it won’t take long!
    @ nomadicmatt – I bet it is a good one, so many of our shows in the US were based on English ones…

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