Posted by: sforshner | August 5, 2008

dependable, sustainable & charitable travel gear

Isn’t my new water bottle so pretty?

I bought this at Starbucks, mostly because I have been wanting to buy an aluminum water bottle and partly because I loved the colors and the design (can you tell I like blue)? A while back I blogged about the ecofabulous globetrotting guide and highlighted their tips for the thirsty traveler – and I have finally followed suit.

This weekend, my new bottle proved to be both dependable and sustainable for the thirsty traveler. It keeps cold water freezing, doesn’t leak and also doesn’t splash when I take a sip like my nalgene does. It also has a cool top that can be easily attached to a backpack or one of the mountain climbing hooks people stick on their keychains.

As unequipped as we were for our nature jaunt on Sunday, this guy proved to keep us hydrated with plenty of very cold water.

I love it. Plus, since it is an ethos bottle that I bought at Starbucks, $1.00 went to help children get clean water around the world. So it is also charitable.



  1. I’ve been meaning to acquire a bottle like that. I didn’t even realize Starbucks sold ’em!

  2. Love it! I also always but the Ethos water (albeit the plastic kind).

  3. i love that bottle!

  4. your bottle looks like it is about to attack a backyard bar-b-que…

    if you wanted it to look intimidatingly-eco…mission accomplished

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