Posted by: sforshner | August 6, 2008

DailyCandy sold for $125 million

Mike tipped me off to a Huffington Post article last night – Comcast bought DailyCandy for $125 million – much more than the anticipated. More info found on Mediabistro’s FishbowlNY blog and more background at Conde Nast Portfolio. And according to the Associated Press, Comcast hopes to expand DailyCandy’s audience by promoting some features on its other Internet properties.

This update reminded me of a tip from Camels & Chocolate that I overlooked in my DailyCandy Travel newsletter last week. The Itinerator by Trip It will help you organize your travel itineraries because it gobbles up the info from all your sources and spits it back out as a single plan- talk about consolidating. You e-mail all flights, hotels information, car rental confirmation, etc. to one address and it’s all condensed into one master itinerary.

I think this is a great idea because once you actually make the plans, book the flight (s) and get through the packing, the last thing on your mind is having to print out multiple itineraries and organize them so they are all easily accessible – and in order – at all times by “neatly” stuffing sorting them into some folder, notebook or worse, your purse! It is also convenient for when you are traveling with friends, a girlfriend getaway perhaps, because you can just email that one itinerary to everyone.

So anyway, in light of this news, I thought I would dedicate this post, or what is left of it, to some of my favorite “wish list” updates from DailyCandy Travel…

  • DailyCandy Goes to Ecuador, because my dream is to go to the Galapagos Islands and see those old turtles and also go on a whale watch.


  1. My dream is Galapagos Islands, too! SVV and I were actually going to go in October, then I got an offer for Honduras instead so we rerouted our trip to Central America. Next time!

  2. What a cool idea – The Itinerator! Thanks for the tip.

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