Posted by: sforshner | August 11, 2008

i’m not a cat person, but…

Mike and I are cat/house sitting for my cousins while they vacation down the Cape. I’m not a cat person, but Mike is and he is loving it.

My cousin told me that the cat, Manny, acts like a dog. I find that many “cat” people say that to me when I say I prefer dogs. I always nod and say, oh cool but I’m never really on board,  because let’s face it- a cat is not a dog and that’s that. Dogs don’t think they’re better than you, they love you with unconditional love without you having to earn it and you can wrestle with them. But the more time I spend with Manny the more he grows on me. He follows me around, rubs up against my leg while I cook in the kitchen and doesn’t freak out when I pick him up.

That is me  turned crazy cat lady that takes pictures of the animal as if it were my own child learning to live with a cat.

Other than venturing to get wheat pancakes for breakfast this weekend, we barely left the house. But our Sunday night dinner was pretty adventurous- it was very European. We made pasta sauce, drank wine and ate at dinner at 9:00 p.m.

When Mike studied abroad in Italy, the first thing he learned was how to make sauce. In my extremely weak attempt to be like We Are Not Martha, here is how to make it. You heat up some olive oil, throw in some chopped garlic and an onion. Let it cook down and then throw in the crushed tomotoes. We like to throw in hot red pepper flakes too.

You ever notice that while in another person’s kitchen you can never find anything and it takes so much longer to cook? We searched for a wine opener for like a half an hour. I got this wine as part of a two for $20 sale and they only had one Primitivo,which is my new favorite wine. But this Ramblin Red was pretty good.

Mike also made garlic bread.

Not quite like being in Italy, but it was delicious…



  1. Oooh that looks good!!

    And I totally know what you mean about people saying their cats act like dogs. I usually hate that, but Sara actually had a cat that was totally like a dog and the first cat I really liked. He would even play fetch! Sadly, he died after she had him for only a year 😦

    That cat is adorable and Manny is such a cute name!! Is it for Ramirez?? Hehe 🙂

  2. That is a really cute cat. And I’m so not a cat person either. I mean, why would you get a cat when you can have a dog??? SVV has a cat he got way back in the day when he lived in Sicily. I try to love it. But I would so quickly trade it in for a puppy if the opportunity arose.

  3. Cats are much more expressive than dogs. My cat stays away when she knows I’m angry at something, but purrs against me when she knows I’m sad or happy. Cute cat by the way

  4. aww! he’s so adorable.

  5. Stop and Shop Canned Tomatoes..

    …hmmmm, for the avid but limited tomato buyer, i presume?

  6. Manny was actually named for Manny Delcarmen. Our Manny is Manny del Cotter. And I don’t care what S says, Manny del acts like a dog!

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