Posted by: sforshner | August 22, 2008

don’t forget to take your vacation days

In an effort to avoid the same predicament I faced earlier this year (I almost lost precious vacation time because I didn’t get around to taking it) I took today and yesterday off and am loving being a pseudo tourist in Boston.

Also, I have just confirmed dates for visiting my friend Sue in El Salvador – Tuesday December 2-Monday December 8 – now all I have to do is request the time off and then buy the tickets!

Now I’m off to enjoy this beautiful weather.



  1. I guess since I’ve never had a typical office job, I just can’t fathom people not taking every last vacation and personal day! But I have so many friends (particularly in NYC) who just don’t. Glad you booked a trip! Would your friend Sue happen to know if it’s easy to get to El Salvador from Guatemala via the bus? Scott and I are going to Central America for 16 days in October (first half vacay, second half work) and wanted to stop over there for two or three days.

  2. Ah, I faced the same predicament…I’m squeezing in the last of my vacation days next week before I lose them forever. Somehow this happens every year.

  3. Ugh I lost 2 days last year. So sad. So sad. Hope your Boston day was fun!

  4. I love playing tourist in my own town!

  5. I wish my job would make me take my vacation days. It’d be so nice to have a break.

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