Posted by: sforshner | August 25, 2008

my summer staycation

I had a four day weekend and before I actually catch up with details, here are some highlights:

Thursday Mike and I commuter railed it into Back Bay…

[courtesy of Mike, via my camera]

…took advantage of restaurant week, went to the Museum of Fine Arts (they’re building a new one)…

[courtesy of Mike, via my camera]

… then sat and had some espresso before walking to the South End for drinks.

On Friday I walked around Harvard Square all day by myself, grabbed coffee, lunch and checked out a new boutique that had its grand opening that day. Will definitely be reporting back about that.

On Saturday, I did something I hadn’t done in so long- I went to Newbury Comics and bought a CD- how’s that for a concept? I rocked to M.I.A. all the way to the Irish Cultural Center in Canton to support Bryce and her Gaelic football team and then went to a barbecue at my cousin’s house. Each year they host The Peacheaters, an Allman Brother’s cover band, who play live in their backyard. Everyone had a good time…

On Sunday, after taking my macbook to the apple store and finding out that the difference between installing my own ram and having the experts at apple do it is about $200, I grabbed lunch with Mike and capped off my weekend with another great episode of Mad Men.



  1. Awesome weekend! And you so just made me want to buy a CD. I don’t even know the last time I purchased an actual physical CD.

    What restaurant did you check out?

    Also, I really need to start watching Mad Men!

  2. aww cute puppy!

    i’m so sad that i missed restaurant week in dc 😦

  3. sounds like you had a pretty sweet weekend! I wish I had made it to restaurant week..

    and madmen was awesome! except i wish it was on at 9pm instead of 10pm, i always fall asleep at the end and have to watch it the next day.

  4. I love your title “Staycation”. It sounds like you did more than most people on a vacation though.

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  6. […] during my awesome weekend Mike and I went to the Stanhope Grill in Back Bay for their restaurant week lunch menu. I have to […]

  7. […] during my awesome weekend Mike and I went to the Stanhope Grill in Back Bay for their restaurant week lunch menu. I have to […]

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