Posted by: sforshner | August 26, 2008

travel gear tuesday: stylish travel

Last Thursday I used a portion of my vacation day to visit a new boutique in Cambridge (thanks for the heads up Chelsee!) 

Enter Passport. This new boutique had its grand opening in Harvard Square last Thursday. On a beautiful summer day, owner Jessica Good (so nice) welcomed her newest customers to view a creative and thoughtful collection of clothing, accessories and luggage – all practical and stylish. I also loved the setup of the store, it had beautiful hardwood floors, the kind I would want in my own house and soon, they will be opening a second level. I plan to re-revisit to pick up a lap top case for my mac since I was too cheap to purchase one at the apple store.  

So, whether you are looking to travel in style, stock up on necessities or find adorable organizers to prevent jewelry mishaps, this place is definitely worth a visit…

43 Brattle Street Cambridge, MA 01230


  1. I definitely need some new luggage– which I was in boston so I could check it out.

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  3. sounds like a cool place to buy travel gear….

    ps- Sorry I have been MIA. Traveling didn’t give me enough time to check blogs!!!! I’m back now though!!!

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