Posted by: sforshner | August 27, 2008

this week’s travel finds: where should you go?

I stumbled across a Budget Travel article picked up by – 14 nights in El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras: $845 package includes accommodations, local transportation, guided tours – it jumped out and reminded me that I didn’t request my vacation to visit my friend in El Salvador yet! This package departs on Sept. 5, Nov. 14, Dec. 19, 2008 and it the article provides all the details.  

Also, Travel Zoo sent me an email update that major airlines just cut prices on flights through mid-November. They say they are seeing great deals departing out of Boston, Burlington, Providence and other nearby airports – but the sales end soon.

Go Green Travel Green had 46 Simple Ways to Save Cash Now with Green Travel there are lots of good tips in here, from getting to your destination, packing, eating, etc.  

And finally, the Geeky Traveller highlighted a website that literally answers the question – “where should I go?” – for you: Trazzler gives you multiple options for your travel lust. Once you join, it learns your “Travel Personality” based on a number of factors including your location. I just signed up and off the bat, here are some of the places it thinks I would like to go:

Getting Bug-Eyed at Garden in the Woods, Framingham, Massachusetts

 Lighting Up the Night at WaterFire in Providence, Rhode Island

I think I love it.



  1. I’ve always wanted to check out the WaterFire but haven’t made it down there. Supposed to be pretty cool.

  2. i’ve always wanted to check out the WaterFire night in Providence! Looks like a good time

  3. Me too – that Trazzler read my mind!

  4. 900 bucks for 14 days? that’s amazing! If i had the time to take off I would seriously consider that.

  5. Thanks for the tip about Trazzler!

  6. I totally just spent 15 minutes going through the various things to do on Trazzler. I so want to do the two you have included in your post!

  7. This makes me realize that I am going to those three countries for 16 days in a little over a month and Ahhh! At least those are countries that will be much easier to book a last-minute hotel, particularly in October (rainy season). Thanks for posting, though, might use this for help in planning!

  8. thanks a lot for the wonderful info on travels deals arround the world. i actually spent a lot of time studying travel zoo and their various recomendation and discount.


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