Posted by: sforshner | August 28, 2008

i’m not really a foodie, but

I do love food and going out to eat. However, in an effort to keep room open for more diverse travels, no matter how transient, and to leave daily food updates up to the real food experts, when possible, I’m going to consolidate my restaurant/food travel posts to once a week. 

I’m doing it today because I just found that MatadorPulse’s, Julie Schwietert Collazo posted tips for foodie travelers and thought it would be relevant. Julie included great online resources to search for places you can go instead of opting for fast food: ChowhoundTraveling USAEpicurious’s Dining & Travel blog. I recommend reading the whole post though because it’s got some great ideas for all kinds of travel experiences.

So, during my awesome weekend Mike and I went to the Stanhope Grill in Back Bay for their restaurant week lunch menu. I have to be honest, I wish the attention to detail, in terms of flavor and spices, that was paid to the delicious side of sweet potato fries was also paid to the meat. My pork tenderloin was really bland, and this is coming from a person who grew up with an Irish mother who thought it was a sin to add garlic to potatoes and just plain wrong to mess with or overcook a good piece of meat. I have read some decent reviews though, so I am willing to chalk it up to the fact that it was the RW menu. And, I will say that I had one of the best chocolate brownies in the world for dessert. It was dense, it had huge chocolate chips that you could really bite into, that get lost in the rest of the chocolate and it was garnished with raspberries. Amazing.

After our visit to the MFA and some coffee, we went to Laurel Grill & Bar – before I do praise it, which I honestly can do, I will be transparent in the fact that Mike’s aunt and uncle are the owners and that we are friends with Eryl, their seasoned bartender who graciously welcomed us to a seat at the bar. As friends, we had the pleasure of serving as taste testers to this former Improper Bostonian‘s Best Bartender’s off the top of this head experiments. 

I don’t have a picture of it, but our first round was a clever concoction meant to resemble a raspberry lime rickey – the drink that I once made a million times at the fried food and ice cream joint I worked at for about a third of my life. It was delicious. The following rounds were just as good…










Mike had this – I think this was peach

I had this – it is a melon one









And we both had this, which in my opinion, was the most impressive – espresso.



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