Posted by: sforshner | September 4, 2008

ethiopian cuisine in cambridge

Two weekends ago I went to Addis Red Sea on Mass Ave in Cambridge with Lisa, my most adventurous friend when it comes to food. Apparently it opened about a year ago when the one in the South End became so popular that diners begged owners Assefa and her husband, Bekele Alemu to open another branch. 

What I liked about the place was the intimate atmosphere. Our food was spread on the above table and our drinks were set on a side table, like the one you probably have next to the couch in your living room.

(I had already purchased my wine journal, which I was so excited about, but I didn’t have a pen! And I don’t remember anything about this wine except that it was very dry and from South Africa)

For dinner, I got the Doro Wot – Tender chicken marinated in lemon sautéed in seasoned butter and stewed in a red pepper sauce, flavored with onions, garlic and ginger root with a pinch of cardamoms and nutmeg. 

And Lisa got a one of their combination beef entrees with two sides: Yesmir Wot Lentils simmered in a spicy hot berbere sauceKinche – Cracked wheat blended with herbed oil or butter and spices.

The food was served on this bread, which we tore off to grab each bite. As much as I would like to think that I like trying new foods, I tend to go straight for the most self explanatory dishes on a menu, but in this case- that was impossible. Despite that, I did really enjoy the food and the experience.


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