Posted by: sforshner | September 6, 2008

travel plans

Every year for our anniversary Mike and I take a weekend in Gloucester, MA. Due to rain, we had to postpone this weekend, but today we have plans to sit in front of our google calendars, reschedule and also finally nail down a weekend to visit friends in York, Maine. 

When I first opened my calendar, I realized that it is getting packed with travel plans and I love every second of it. 

Next weekend (if the weather holds up) we will be doing our trip to Gloucester.

Another weekend in September (TBD) we will be visiting friends in York.

October 4-5 – Portland, Maine…as I’ve mentioned before, a while back my friend Caitlin had an idea that played a large part in the inspiration of this blog. As our group of friends span Boston and New York, she thought we should make an effort on a regular basis to explore a new city. So far we have done Providence and Portsmouth – next month, we are making the trek to Portland Maine. It is great because each time we open the plans up to new friends. So, in addition to being able to catch up, we also meet new people – I am very excited.

December 2-8 – El Salvador! And it just so happens that tourism in El Salvador has increased by more than 24%, according to a report by the Ministry of Tourism (MITUR) through the Salvadorean Tourism Corporation (CORSATUR). 

For the sake of not ruining this streak I have going, I should probably make plans for November. Maybe I can reschedule my pending trip to New York – any ideas?



  1. take me el salvador with you. i hear its supposed to be ridiculously good and cheap. take lots of photos. for me…. 🙂

    congrats on your anniversary

  2. Have fun in Portland! I used to live up there and I love it. Where are you guys staying?

  3. If you’re still looking for ideas, Tuscon, AZ is amazing in December. I spent a week before Christmas there and the weather was perfect.

    Though I’m also a fan of NYC that time of the year.

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