Posted by: sforshner | September 8, 2008

place of hills

Our Gloucester weekend was postponed, but Mike and I managed to enjoy the good weather that finally arrived on Sunday. Cup of coffee in tow, we sat around the Natick falls – a place where history is juxtaposed with signs of modernity. 

Natick was first settled in 1651 by John Eliot. Below what is today a mid- to upper-middle class section of town lies the Praying Indians‘ burial ground. 

Through the center of South Natick, the Charles River runs over a dam and under a bridge, headed straight to Boston.

As much as this place pulls you out of the hustle and bustle everyday life – unfortunately, it is impossible to escape the environmental detriments that today’s society has juxtaposed into nature. 



  1. I have a strong feeling you’re really going to make me miss New England in fall the second the colors start to change…we don’t get many colors out here in the West. Rather, it’s all what I call “dry urine grass” (guess that’s where the name Golden State originates! Um that and the whole Gold Rush thing!).

  2. Those are beautiful pictures. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Aaaah the South Natick Dam. I was going to get married there, but it was pouring rain. Did you know that the house on the corner of Union Street is called the Robbins house, and indeed, used to belong to my family? I’m sad it’s not in our family anymore but such is life.

  4. I was going to say “oh how pretty!” and then i saw that sign and got a bit worried. Maybe you shouldn’t be too close to the water?! J/K, but seriously, don’t eat the fish!

    And the pics really are gorgeous. Sigh, I wish I was somewhere on the East Coast right now!!

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