Posted by: sforshner | September 10, 2008

this week’s travel finds: sporting the globe

According to Eva Holland, “attending a spectator sporting event in a foreign country can be a great alternative to the usual tourist fare.” So, she recently posted the 8 Must-See Sporting Events in 2008 & 2009 on Matador Trips:

1. OFC Nations Cup (Oceania, Fall 2008)

2. Grand Sumo Tournament (Fukuoka, Japan, November 2008)

3. NHL Winter Classic (Chicago, USA, January 2009)

4. Six Nations Cup (Europe, Winter 2009) – the one that gets me up at the crack of dawn each year and down to a Boston pub to start drinking Guinness well before noon while I enjoy the games.
Photo by BobtheCorkDwarf


5. UCI BMX World Championships (Adelaide, AU, July 2009)

6. The Ashes (England and Wales, Summer 2009)

7. Red Bull Big Wave Africa (Cape Town, SA, Summer 2009)

8. FIFA Beach Soccer World Cup (Dubai, UAE, Summer 2009) – Liz you should probably go to this.



  1. If you happen to be in Bermuda at the end of July, don’t miss Cup Match, the annual cricket competition between the east and west ends of the island, that’s has become so popular the government declared it a two-day public holiday. Best of all is the wacky Non-Mariners’ Race, where Bermudians create barely seaworthy contraptions with silly themes to make fun of just about everything:

  2. They missed Gaelic Football. That has to be a trip! Although I wouldn’t say no to a 6 nations game…

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