Posted by: sforshner | September 13, 2008

is the postcard already old school?

It looks like I wasn’t the only one blogging about postcards yesterday! I just read on Intelligent Travel that the folks at This Just In have asked readers if they still send postcards…hundreds of responses later – it turns out many people still do. 

The truth is, I love receiving them, and I even buy tons of them when I travel, but when it comes to heading to the post office to actually drop them in the mail, I instead drop the ball – huge double standard, I know. Sometimes I buy postcards with no intention of sending them to anyone. Remember, I have an obsession with collecting things wherever I go. 

Take a look the card I bought when I was at The Whale Center of New England with Mike. This photograph was inserted into stationary, which I thought was such a cool idea.

I had no intention of sending it to anyone, I just wanted it because this photo is breathtaking, do you blame me?

IT also included a great pic from Cartophilia– such a cool blog that has map postcards from most of the 50 states and many foreign countries. It is devoted to maps and map memorabilia. I love map postcards too. Here are some that I picked up when Mike and I were in California.

So, do you still send postcards?



  1. I still send my parents a postcard from everywhere I go! Well, I did…until about a year ago, when I started traveling 7-8 months out of the year and it became too difficult! I never receive postcards, though, which is a bummer!

  2. I am obsessed with postcards, as is my family. Never fail, my jokester Dad will always send me a postcard from his local airport before he begins his adventure. It reads: “having an excellent time. Wish you were here.”

    I like take a snapshot of a picture I took and send those as postcards. They mail suprisingly well.

  3. I used to love postcards, collected them and saved them. But I was always disappointed when I arrived home before they did. (My vacations weren’t long enough, I guess.) So I really don’t send them any more. My kids enjoy it when their grandparents send post cards, though.

  4. […] game for parents to get their children on to and encourage their budding travelers and prevent the death of the postcard if you still send them. Share and […]

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