Posted by: sforshner | September 17, 2008

this week’s travel finds: get smart, look fabulous

 Learning a new language like me? Well, in preparation for upcoming travels  in Central and South America Go Green Travel Green listed 10 free ways to learn a language – how timely!

There are tons of websites out there offering free language tools. So check out, The Top Websites: Learn a new language for free, TechCrunch’s review of Babbel & Get Rich Slowly’s Word2Word: Free Online Language Tools.  Or try volunteering – she lists great resources like Idealist & Volunteer Match.

Want to look as fresh as a celebrity when you step off the plane from a long flight? Boydie Beener lists some in-flight tips that will have you looking radiant on AOL Stylist, like these ones:

Go makeup free. Wear a tinted moisturizer and apply a sheer gloss right before your hop off the plane. Or, Don’t use hot tools on hair. Instead, apply a smoothing cream and conditioner and leave it at that. 

Hate it when cab drivers take you on a joy ride? The Geeky Traveller found a great website on Geeksugar that helps to avoid such mishaps, whether you are in the comfort of your own city or abroad:

Taxi Me uses Google Maps to help you figure our approximately how much a taxi ride will cost you, based on your departure and arrival details.



  1. I wish I’d known about Taxi Me when I was living in Paris!

  2. Ooo I’m totally bookmarking that taxi site. That will come in handy.

  3. Thanks for linking to us! Glad you liked my language post.

  4. This blog is amazing. Seriously. I am addicted to travel and anything about it. Add other cultures and languages to that list and I’m insanely into it.

    I just started another blog just to document my past travel experiences…I haven’t posted anything yet, but I will share when I do.

    Keep on with the good stuff!!

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