Posted by: sforshner | September 23, 2008

travel gear tuesday: a good playlist

There has been a lot of talk on music lately. Between the awesome conversation started by …the almost right word on 20SB on the best songs of the 90’s (and raych, K7 – brilliant) to Nerd’s Eye View’s recent roundup of headphones, there is no doubt that being equipped with a good playlist is an absolute necessity for travel.

So, here is a quick overview of what typically falls on my road trip playlist – pasted from my iTunes…

     Busted 2:36 The Black Keys Blues The Big Come Up 50 8/19/08 9:16 PM

     Heavy Metal Drummer 3:22 Wilco Country Kicking Television: Live In Chicago 2 6/27/07 2:20 PM

     Whipping Post 5:24 The Allman Brothers Band Rock The Best Of The Allman Brothers Band 31 8/24/07 12:29 PM

     Do The Rump 2:40 The Black Keys Blues The Big Come Up 14 7/24/07 3:15 PM

     All The Wine 3:20 The National Rock SXSW 2005 Showcasing Artist 39 10/5/07 3:21 PM (All The Wine, that one is for you)

     Changes 3:30 David Bowie Rock Bowie At The Beeb (Disc 2) 2 3/13/07 10:29 AM

     Young Americans 5:13 David Bowie Rock Changesbowie 12 7/24/07 3:46 PM

     Iron Woman 2:18 Devin Davis Rock Lonely People of the World, Unite! 59 8/24/07 1:20 PM

     Devils & Dust 5:01 Bruce Springsteen Rock Devils & Dust 2 12/25/06 2:23 AM

     The World At Large 4:33 Modest Mouse Alternative Good News For People Who Love Bad News 47 10/5/07 3:25 PM

     King Without a Crown 4:49 Matisyahu Reggae Live at Stubb’s 3 8/31/08 2:03 PM

     Heroes (live) 5:49 David Bowie Fall 2002 Mix 36 8/24/07 1:17 PM

     Revelate 4:33 The Frames Alternative & Punk Set List 4 4/7/07 10:55 PM

     Decent Days And Nights 2:31 The Futureheads Alternative & Punk The Futureheads 21 2/14/07 11:35 PM

     21 Seven Day Mile 4:14 The Frames Live @ Park West, Chicago IL, 10-22-2005 40 8/19/08 7:11 PM

     Into The Great Wide Open 3:44 Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers Rock Greatest Hits 1 3/10/07 12:50 PM

     Load Out and Stay 9:24 Jackson Browne Classic Rock 2 2/15/07 12:26 PM

     Bless The Broken Road 3:47 Rascal Flatts Country Feels Like Today 53 7/24/07 4:49 PM

     Gold Sounds 2:40 Pavement Alternative & Punk Crooked Rain, Crooked Rain 56 8/19/08 6:18 PM

     California 3:14 Phantom Planet 1 12/17/06 3:09 PM

     He War 3:32 Cat Power You Are Free 33 12/1/07 1:59 PM

What is on your playlist?


  1. I’m all about throwbacks to the 80’s and 90’s. They’re perfect for a roadtrip because you sing along and the time flies by.

  2. Well thank ya for the link love!

    I was so excited to see that discussion take off!

  3. love this playlist! i’m tempted to mimic it for my own travels.

    My road trip playlist would definitely involve some National, a little Cut Copy, Calvin Harris, MGMT, Wilco…. this is a great topic!

  4. California, Phantom Planet 🙂

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