Posted by: sforshner | September 24, 2008

this week’s travel finds: i am all over the place today

In addition to cardigans, the anticipated changing of leaves and soy chai teas for me, the fall justifies my desire drink red wine instead of white. Okay, I know I have been on a “remember when Mike and I went to California” kick, which stemmed from watching Sideways, but…

it looks like I am not the only person that integrates wine into my travels, daily or long term… The Travel Advocate recently highlighted the fact that 27 million travelers, or 17% of American leisure travelers, engaged in culinary or wine-related activities while traveling within the past three years, based on a new report from theTravel Industry Association (TIA), in partnership with Gourmet and the International Culinary Tourism Association. They also found that TripAdvisor just released its top 10 wine destinations worldwide.

Because I have been on a budget kick lately… my discovery of Girls Just Wanna Have Funds couldn’t have come at a better time. They recently did a post on How To Fly Standby And Not Get Stranded For 12 Hours, after a pretty horrible experience with USAIR.

And while we are on the topic of blogs that I love… My Mélange dedicated her Travel Tip Tuesday post to sharing some of her favorite travel blogs. There are some good ones on there, I really advise checking it out

And because a recent client has me immersed all things fashion… Glam Jaunt posted T Magazine’s Ultra-Stylish Travel Essentials – while I pretty much want everything in their travel must-haves list, it is very expensive.

And for all you solo travelers… Kathy Baruffi found the 10 great places for solo diners to pull up a chair in USA Today.



  1. One of my favorite things to do on vacation is visit a winery… just thinking about it makes me crave a big glass.

  2. Mmm red wine. Needs no excuses. Ever. 🙂

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