Posted by: sforshner | October 1, 2008

this week’s travel finds: economy and travel

Escaping the economy right now is impossible. So I thought I would take the time to shed some insight into various travel industry perspectives…

Triphow called out How AIG Almost Put the Travel Industry Out of Business. Put most simply…A whole lot of people have their travel insurance covered by AIG and its subsidiaries worldwide. If this insurance were to be considered unreliable, then that would have left a big part of the world grounded, unable to travel, until the situation cleared up and local and state authorities stepped in with default procedures. (9.18).

     That is just scary.

On, Tara Weiss went through the Fastest-Growing Industries and noted that jobs within the leisure and hospitality sector will continue to grow–assuming people still have money to travel and stay in hotels. The industry as a whole should add 1.9 million jobs, the BLS says, half of which will be in food and drink service. (9.26).

     This wasn’t too long ago, but I wonder if their minds have changed this week.


So, what is the bright side for travelers? I am not totally sure, but when it comes to weathering the economy without sacrificing the urge to go – this isn’t a bad start…

Linda Handiak on MatadorTrips posted the Top 10 Free Things To Do In Europe – from free chocolate in Brussels and Switzerland, which offers both free tours and samples, to free museums in England, like the British Museum, the Botticellis at The National Gallery and the dinosaurs at The Natural History Museum.

Christine at Almost Fearless gave us all perfectly good explanations for not shelving your desires for long-term travel because the economy is down.

The Go Report offers ways to save on just about everyting – from how to Maximize Your American Airlines AAdvantage Miles, How to Maximize Your Northwest Airline WorldPerks, and How to Maximise Your Delta Airlines SkyMiles – among other things.




  1. aw man, and it sucks because people like to go on vacation to help relieve stress. but now its more stressful because many can’t afford vacation.

    i’m going to break out the piggy bank and start saving!

  2. I say there is never a bad time to travel. losing your job to a bad economy is just more incentive!

  3. Good Day Good Time Good life If we have time get come back visit mE “Travel Blog” 😀

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