Posted by: sforshner | October 22, 2008

this week’s travel finds: the future of the travel blog

Today, Wednesday October 22, 2008, Karen at Europe a la Carte Blog will be hosting and moderating a live online discussion on “The Future of the Travel Blog.” It will take place at 20:00 British Summer Time, 3:00 PM Eastern Standard Time and 12:00 Pacific Daylight Time. To find out what time near you, check out time and – a site that has been useful to me on so many occassions.

With an impressive lineup, the discussion should be lively and educational…

Click here to get a preview of their predictions!



  1. Thanks for writing about the live discussion, I hope that your readers can make it. If they can’t there will be a link to a transcript available in the blog post.

  2. […] Sforshner finds out the future of my idea of heaven travel blogging. [Transient Travels] […]

  3. If you plan to travel supplement your travel information, visit for travel guides and brochures, world culture and history information, travel video clips, security documentation and travel tools. Look at our travel group for questions and answers, share travel stories and pictures.

  4. I wish i would have read this post earlier – i have just missed that.

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