Posted by: sforshner | October 29, 2008

this week’s travel finds: is everyone moving?

Or am I just noticing it more because I am going through the same experience?

Jenn at Free and Flawed has recently moved and she has come up with the perfect guide to ensure a successful move at Guidespot – check it out if you are moving too! elle michelle found out how to have fun while moving. Hopefully I will be able to say the same after this weekend. And, virtually Intelligent Travel has moved to become a bigger part of the National Geographic Traveler website.

So, because I have been spending my nights packing, I thought I would round up some great packing tips –  whether you are making a more permanent move like me, planning a short trip or headed round the world…



  1. Hey lady! Thanks for the link love! Good luck with your move and don’t forget to label the box of wine!

  2. Thailand is abundant with tourists, conceivably it is because of alloy of abstruseness and excitement, the mix of age-old belief and avant-garde nightlife. Thailand, has been accepted as Siam for centuries, Thailand has been a capital of ability and adoration and the 21st aeon has not afflicted that fact.

  3. don’t worry! i’m not moving!

  4. it does feel like everyone’s moving..weird! especially b/c of how cold it’s getting, you would think people would want to stay where they are.

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