Posted by: sforshner | November 2, 2008

and we’re in

Halloween has come and gone and I was too busy moving to celebrate. But I was happy to catch up on the exciting parties and great costumes of my favorite bloggers – it definitely made up for it 🙂 And, I can’t wait to read Kayleigh’s haunting story part 2 – it has been pulled up on my desktop all day for when I would have a chance to read it. 

Here is what I did ALL weekend…

That’s not even half of the empty boxes that Mike and I will have to throw away. On Saturday we moved with the help of my brother Patrick, my mother and Mike’s brother, Matt. On Sunday we headed to Target, Ikea and Market Basket (after a lovely brunch with Caitlin, who had driven up from NY for the weekend, and Lisa and Bryce).

It is funny, when you announce that you will be moving, lots of stuff comes out of the woodwork. Our plates, silverware, dining room table, mattress and television were all given to us by friends and family. But, this rad chair is something that Mike had all along. 

Mike’s two brothers bought him this as a joke at Salvation Army a long time ago because it was so crazy. It is actually so out of control that it is almost cool, so I was excited to inherit it in the move. It does fit into the style of our apartment complex, which was built in the 70’s. 

Don’t worry, it is merely an accent to the rest of my very sleek and very mature pieces of furniture. My cousin Colleen bought us an ottoman that also serves as a storage unit – the top flips to become a serving tray and inside is a smaller ottoman – I love it! I would take a picture, but as you can see above, Mike is engrossed in the Simpsons right now and after the day we have had, I can’t in good conscience ask him to get up so I can take pics. 

This is what I am doing right now.

Blogging, having a glass of wine and enjoying the amazing coffee table that Mike and his brother Matt built from scratch and stained to match all of my our furniture. They also made a larger version (back left) to hold the TV. 

Now, I have to figure out how to get to work tomorrow. Happy belated Halloween!



  1. Your lucky that you ended up with stuff that you wanted…I usually end up with all of the crap that I’d been storing and had forgotten about (and now really don’t want at my house but can’t bear to get rid of either!)

  2. congrats on your new place! so exciting 🙂

  3. Gad…that chair reminds me of a couple of chairs my parents had in their house when I was a kid…except ours were more of a puce color. Not the rad orange of your chair! 🙂

    Congrats on settling into the new digs!

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